1. Weshould havebreakfast every day to keephealthy.

A.a B.an C. / D. the

2. Thereisumbrella behind thedoor.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

3. WhenJamesarrivedattherailwaystation,hetriedtolooka place to park his car.

A.up B. for C.after D.at

4. Frank is an independent boy. His parentsareproudhim.

A.on B. to C. in D.of

5. More and more people in Qingdao gotoworksubwaynow.

A.with B.on C. in D.by

6. In the picture,hesitsme, looking veryhappy.

A.beside B.among C. up D.through

7. Mother's Daycomesthe second Sunday ofMay.

A.in B. on C.at D.for

8. Sorry I'm late.Iwith a friend and I completely forgot thetime.

A.talk B. amtalking C. wastalking D. willtalk

9. --- It’s time to worknow.

--- OK. I’ll wake Carlup.Hefor an hour.

A. hasfallen asleep B. hasbeenasleep C.fellasleep D. falls asleep 10.---Jerry, have you ever been to the GreatWall?

---Yes.Ithere with my parents lastyear.

A.go B. went C.willgo D. have gone

11. If you are caught smoking in the kitchen,you_by yourboss.

A.will fire B.arefired C. willbefired D.fired

12. This kindofpen, and is also very cheap. I think you can buysome.

A.writeswell B.writesgood C. iswrittenwell D. is writtengood

13. --- I can’t find Jimmy. Where ishe?

---Hein the garden at the moment.

A.works B. willwork C.isworking D. worked

14. Gary is the best singer in my class. Nooneelsesowell.

A.sings B. sang C.willsing D. issinging

15. ---Have you ever been to South TowerPark?

---Yes.Ithere a few monthsago.

A.went B. havebeen C.have gone D.go

16. Our classroom is very clean and tidybecauseitevery day.

A.cleans B.cleaned C.wascleaned D. iscleaned

17. Tom,the umbrella with you. Look at the clouds, it's going torain!

A.taking B.takes C. take D.took

18. More and more foreign students begin to learn Chinese, and many ofthem

Chinese better and betternow.

A.arespoken B. spoke C.is speaking D. arespeaking

19. ---What do you think of the environment here, Mr.Wang?

---Wonderful!of thelandcovered with trees andgrass.

A. Twofifths; is B. Twofifth; is C. Twofifths;are D. Two fifth;are

20. The film OperationRedSeaa lot of praise since its first show monthsago.

A.wins B.win C.havewon D. haswon

21. Pleasethe rubbish into different litter bins according to thesigns.

A.puts B. put C. putting D. toput

22. This bookbe Lucy’s. Look! Her name is onit.

A.can B.may C.must D.might

23. ---Wow another gift! What's in thebox?

---I’m notsure. It be a pair of sportsshoes.

A.must B.may C.will D.need

24 Whywe close that chemicalfactory?

---Because it has caused lots of pollution. We need better environment.

A.must B.can C. may D.might

25. ---I saw John in the park thismorning..

---Itbe him. He has gone toHongKong.

A.can’t B. can C.mustn’t D.must

26 How is our government going to deal with the officebuilding?

--- Itwillbealibrary.

A.turnedoff B. turnedon C. turnedout D. turnedinto

27. The latestmobilephonein China.

A.willmake B.hasmade C. is making D. ismade

28. The food is very delicious in that restaurant. We couldgoandit.

A.sell B.help C. produce D.try

29 Has your daughter come back fromAustralia?

---Yes.Shethere for threeyears

A.hasstayed B.stays C.stayed D. hadstayed

30. Terry,from your cell phone when your father is talking toyou.

A.look up B.lookaround C. look down D. lookout

31. I'm afraidIdidn'tyou. Could you repeat yourwords?

A.believe B. follow C.please D.satisfy

32. –What do you think of the fish soup?

–Well,ita bitsalty.

A.looks B.smells C. tastes D.watches

33. Harryinvited mewith him when his parents were out oftown.

A.stay B.staved C.staying D. tostay

34. I look stupid with this haircut. All myclassmateswillme.

A.laughat B. agreewith C. dependon D. worryabout

35. Our parents won'tallowusin the riveralone.

A.swim B.toswim C.swimming D.swam

36. Wecansome information about this city on theInternet.

A.look up B. looklike C. lookafter D. look forwardto

37. Wouldyouminddown the music? It's toonoisy.

A.to turn B. turning C. turn D.turned

38. Peoplearesupposedhands when they meet for the first time in America.

A.shaking B. toshake C.shake D.shaken

39. Here is abanana,please We'll make a banana milkshake.

A. cutthemup B. cut up it C. cutit up D. cut upthem

40. Nowadays,  most  people prefer tocomputer  games rather than books.

A.play;reading B.play;read C. playing; reading D. playing;read

41. People now in many big cities havetoearly to avoid the heavy traffic in the morning.

A.setout B.put out C. takeout D. giveout

42. Our city is cleanerthan itbe.

A. isused to B.usedto C.usesto D. isused

43. My twocousins decidea businesstogether.

A.tostart B.starting C.start D.started


Mount Lao is one of every year.

mountains in Qingdao. Many tourists like climbing it

A. famous B. the more famous C. most famous D. the most famous

45. As an engineer, you can't be careful. You should pay attention to every detail.

A. very B. too C. so D. quite

46. ---May I have a look at the magazine China Today?

---Certainly.  _.

A. Thank you B. It's a pity C. Here you are D. I'd like to

47. --- Do remember to watch out for cars while crossing the street.

---  .

A. Heard it B. Made it C. Forgot it D. Got it

48. Jack is happy. Ms. Wang, an excellent teacher, teaches  math this term.

A. he B. him C. himself D. his

49. A smile costs  , but gives much, so always keep smiling!

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

50. --- Would you like more dumplings, Harry?

---  . I'm full

A. Yes, please B. No way C. No, thanks D. All right

51. ---Do you like rock music or light music?

---  . I like Beijing Opera.

A. Either B. None C. Both D. Neither

52. —I’m sorry I took your school uniform by mistake. But where is  ?

—Don't worry. Let me help you find it.

A. he B. his C. mine D. yours

53. ---  do you visit your grandparents, Timmy?

---Once a week.

A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often

54. It is raining heavily,  none of the students are late for school.

A. although B. but C. so D. because

55. ---Is this the new dictionary  you got yesterday?

---Yes. Now it's very convenient for me to look up words.

A. that B. why C. what D. whose

56. Tony was drawing a picture  I was doing my homework.

A. if B. because C. while D. until

57. ---  fast China is developing!

--- Yes, we are so lucky to live in such a great country.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

58. ---  fresh air it is now!

---Yes.  go out for a walk.

A. How ;Let B. What a; Let’s C. What ; Let’s D. How; Let us

59. She is a teacher  has much teaching experience.

A. whose B. who C. whom D. what

60. Jim can swim,  .

A. neither can I B. so I can C. so can I D. neither I can

61. Work hard,  you'll catch up with your classmates next time

A. and B. or C. but D. so

62. You are talented young adults  are full of hope for the future.

A. which B. when C. who D. where

63.   pencil is this, Tom’s or Henry’s?

A. What B When C. Who D. Whose

64. I like the city  the people are really kind and friendly.

A. that B. which C. where D. who

65. ---  times have you visited Gansu Science Museum?

---Only once.

A. How often B. How many C. How long D. How soon 66.Be careful with the knife.You may hurt .

A.himself B. ourselves C.myself D.yourself

67. Only yesterday  find out that his purse was lost.

A. he was B. was he C. did he D. he did

68. — Harry Potter is  an interesting novel_  I want to read it again.

— I agree with you.

A. so; that B. too; to C. such; that D. as; as

69. ---Do you know the man  is talking with our Chinese teacher?

---Yes. He is my uncle, Mr. King.

A. which B. who C. whom D. whose

70. It's time to say goodbye to my school. I'll never forget the days  we spent together.

A. that B. what C. who D. when

71. We couldn't find out bike it was, so we wrote a "Lost and found".

A. who B. whose C. whom D. which

72. My grandparents like stories have happy endings.

A. they B. who C. which D. /

73. --- What does your brother look like?

---  .

A. He is outgoing B. He is really tall and thin

C. He is a student D. He is in hospital

74. —Hi, Lucy.  is your birthday?

—My birthday is on May 2nd.

A. What B. Why C. When D. Where

75.   Anna  her brother like listening to soft music.

A. Both; and B. Neither; nor C. Either; or D. Not only; but also

76. --- Thank you for showing me the way

---  .

A. No problem

B. It doesn't matter

C. It is my pleasure

D. It's kind of you

77. ----  are you going?

----The post office.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. Why

78. My family  watching TV.

A. is B. are C. has been D. be

79. There  three students over there.

A. be B. is C. are D. am

80.   hard the work is!

A. What B. That C. How D. However 81 How did you come here?

---- air.

A. In B. By C. On D. With

82. I was tired that I had to go to bed earlier than usual.

A. so much

B. too

C. enough

D. so

83. Bill is

A. tall

than Jack.

B. taller

C. tallest

D. the tallest

84. Women  not allowed to come in!

A. is B. are C. was D. has been

85. The mother likes tea  the father likes coffee.

A. while B. though C. although D. unless

86. I don’t enjoy  _ TV after supper.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

87. Something went wrong, didn’t ?

A. it B. he C. she D. they

88. Please drink the  water.

A. boiling B. boiled C. boilling D. is boiling

89. She is  her homework now.

A. do B. does C. did D. doing

90. Smoking bad for your health.

A. is B. isn’t C. was D. were

91. Mr. Smith waited the bus at the bus station yesterday afternoon.

A. at B. in C. for D. to

92.A tall building  there last year.

A. build B. builds C. was built D. built

93.      he did is wrong.

A. That B. What C. Where D. As

94.      your coat, it’s cold outside.

A. Put on B. Dress C. Wear D. Be in

95. Mary hurt her hand while she  the tree.

A. climb B. to climb C. was climbing D. climbs

96. I didn’t answer the phone  I didn’t hear it.

A. if B. unless C. although D. because

97. Don’t bother him, he is busy  his homework.

A. with B. from C. for D. to

98. You  leave until the bell rings.

A. not B. aren’t C. won’t D. will

99. It’s cloudy, take  umbrella with you.

A. a B. an C. those D. these

100. The teacher told the boy to  the computer before class.

A. put away  B. turn on C. make up D. break out 101.Please let  clean the house.

A. mine B. me C. I D. we

102. I’d  spend the holiday at home.

A. prefer B. rather C. soon D. like

103. I like milk, and Tom likes milk,  .

A. either B. neither C. too D. also

104. There is no doubt   he is good at maths.

A. as B. who C. what D. that

105. Life is more enjoyable to people  are open to new ideas.

A. whose B. whom C. who D. which

106. It was a year ago  he became a doctor.

A. that B. where C. who D. what

107. What  pity that you couldn’t be there to receive the prize!

A. an B. the C. a D. /

108. Jane was asked a lot of questions, but she didn’t answer  

A. other B. none C. some D. any

109 Do you want tea or coffee?

---- I really don’t mind.

A. None B. Neither C. Either D. All

of them.

110. ----  are you going to watch the new movie?

----The cinema near the shopping center.

A. Where B. What C. Who D. Why

111. The mother likes tea  the father likes coffee.

A. while B. as C. since D. unless

112. It’s too  here. Can we go somewhere quieter?

A. quietly B. noisy C. different D. quiet

113. He invited me to a dance after the show  Christmas Eve.

A. at B. on C. in D. by

114. I can’t leave. She told me that I  stay here until she comes back.

A. can B. must C. will D. may

115 Why didn’t you come to our party last night?

----  I was ill.

A. Although B. So C. Because of D. Because

116. She has two sons  work in the same company.

A. whose B. whom C. who D. whoever

117. Please remember  the door when you leave.

A. lock B. locked C. to lock D. locking

118. It’s  cold outside that I don’t want to go out.

A. such B. so C. much D. most

119. Granny often tells us  water in our daily life.

A.save B. saving C.to save D.saves

120. The car was out of  and hit a tree by the road.

A.danger B.breath C.control D.practice



6-10 ABCBB

11-15 CACAA

16-20 DCDAD






















Li Lei gets an e-mail

__1  Jack Wilson. Jack is a high school student in

Canada. He wants to  _2  Chinese. Dear friend,

My name is Jack Wilson. I am from Toronto,      3       . I am 13 years old. I’m  a schoolboy. I know China is a great    4    . I want to    5    friends in China and I  want to learn Chinese.

There are nineteen students  in  6  class.  My  classmates  are  from  six  countries. They are  learning  English.  My  parents  are  from  France.  They  7 French. I speak English and French. There are many Chinese   8    in Toronto. I want to learn Chinese, 9 I don’t have any Chinese textbooks. Could you 10 me?

Please write back soon. Thank you.

Jack Wilson

1. A. for B. to C. from D. of

2.A. teach B. learn C. speak D. know

3. A. Canada B. Japan C. Australia D. France

4. A. city B. country C. people D. school

5. A. make B. take C. give D. be

6. A. his B. your C. my D. their

7. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

8. A. there B. here C. peoples D. students

9. A. so B. and C. for D. but

10. A. give B. help C. write D. leave

参考答案:1—5 CBABA 6—10 CADDB


John worked in an office in a small town. One day his boss  1   him, “John, I want you to go to London, and to   2    Mr. Black. Here’s the address. His office is near the station.”

John went to London     3     train. He left the station and thought, “The office isn’t    4    the station. I’ll find it     5     ,”But after an hour he was still looking for it, so he stopped and asked an old woman. She said, “Just go along this street, turn left

    6 the end, and it’s the 7 building on the right.” John went and found it.

    8   days later, John went to the same city.    9   again he didn’t find the office, so he asked someone on the way. It was 10  old woman! She was very surprised and  said, “Are you still looking for that place?”

1. A. said

2. A. visit

B. said to

B. watch

C. talked to

C. look

D. spoke

D. found

3. A. on

B. by

C. with

D. in

4. A. next to

B. near

C. far from

D.in front of

5. A. easy

B. easily

C. slowly

D. early

6. A. by

7. A. five

B. to

B. twelve


C. third

D. on

D. twenty

8. A. Much

B. A few

C. A little

D. A lot

9. A. Because

B. When

C. And

D. So

10. A. different

B. same

C. the different

D. the same

参考答案:1—5 BABCB 6—10 CCBCD


Mr.  Brown lives in a city.  He   1    a small store in the middle of the city,  and  he sells pictures in it. They’re cheap, 2 some of 3 are very nice.

One day, a woman came 4 the shop and looked at one picture for some

    5   .  It’s  a  picture   6   horses  in  a  field.  Then  she  asked,  “   7   is  this picture?”

“Twenty dollars,” Mr.  Brown answered. “It’s  8 expensive. Can I 9  you two dollars for it?” said the woman. “Two dollars? But you  10 buy the canvas( 油 画布) with two dollars.” “Oh, but it isn’t clean now.” the woman said.

1. A. has B. have C. had D. is

2. A. so B . because C. and D. as

3. A. they B. them C. their D. it

4. A. on B. at C. into D. of

5. A. hours B. minutes C. weeks D. years

6. A. on B. in C. of D. to

7. A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How

8. A. no B. not C. too D. isn’t

9. A. give B. let C. have D. make

10. A. can B. can’t C. are D. aren’t

参考答案:1—5 ACBCB 6—10 CACAB

Knowing what to do when a fire   1   is important. If your house is   2    , what would you do? First,    3    afraid and don’t cry.  Be brave and act fast. Second, you  and all 4 in the house should 5 the house. Once you are out of the house,

 6     out. Don’t go back in for any reason. Finally, when you     7     out of the house, call the fire department    8    . Don’t try to    9     out the fire yourself. That can be very 10 .

1. A. breaks out

B. breaks down

C. is broken out

D. break out

2. A. firing

B. fire

C. on fire

D. fired

3. A. be not

B. do not

C. don’t be

D. not be

4. A. other

B. the other

C. another

D. the others

5. A. enter

B. leave

C. keep

D. go to

6. A. stay

B. get

C. leave

D. run

7. A. be

B. is

C. were

D. are

8. A. later

B. at once

C. finally

D. lately

9. A. get

B. keep

C. put

D. let

10. A. danger

B. in danger

C. dangerous

D. dangerously

参考答案:1—5 ACCDB 6—10 ADBCC



Toothpaste (牙膏) does more than just keep our teeth bright and white. It can be used wisely in many other ways. Here are some useful tips that can save us time and money. If you follow them, you will have a fresh smell of using toothpaste!

Clean a Dirty Mirror

If you want to clean a dirty bathroom mirror, try to put a bit of toothpaste on the mirror and wipe it dry. The glass can be cleaned up beautifully. And doing this can also stop the mirror from fogging. Then you can still see yourself in the mirror after taking a shower.

Remove the Unpleasant Food Smell

Have some bad food smell, like the smell of onions or fish, on your hands? You can remove it by washing your hands with toothpaste. You’ll be fresh-smelling in no time.

Make Your Sports Shoes Whiter

This time, clean your sports shoes by yourself, not by your mother. Wipe some toothpaste around your shoes and then clean it with a wet cloth. See? Your shoes are white as new!

1. What does the passage mainly tell us about?

A. How to buy the toothpaste. B. How to choose the toothpaste.

C. How to use toothpaste wisely. D. How to sell the toothpaste.

2. How many ways can you save your time and money by using toothpaste?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

3. If there is some smell of fish on your hands, what can you do?

A. Wash your hands with soap. B. Wash your hands with toothpaste.

C. Eat some onions. D. Brush your teeth with toothpaste.

4. The passage doesn’t tell us that  .

A. toothpaste can clean a dirty mirror

B. toothpaste can remove the food smell

C. toothpaste can make your ring become new again

D. toothpaste can remove fish smell

5. Where can we probably find the passage?

A. In a science magazine. B. In an amusement magazine.

C. In a history book. D. In a math book.


11. In the Friendship Restaurant you can eat  food

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. French

12. Sarah wants to do some volunteer work. She can call  to get some ideas. A. 846-3809 B. 312-9997 C. 822-3331 D. 822-5566

13. The Red Bird Club is closed on .

A. Tuesday B. Monday C. Saturday D. Thursday

14. According to the ad(广告), you can see in the Underground World.

A. volunteers B. excellent dancers C. sea animals D. waiters and waitresses

15. If you want to practise your English with native speakers, you can join  .

A. the Red Bird Club B. the Volunteer Project

C. the Dream Corner D. the Underground World



A poor farmer had a friend who was famous for the wonderful apples he grew.

One day, his friend gave the farmer a young apple tree and told him to take it home and plant it. The farmer was pleased with the gift, but when he got home, he did not know where to plant it.

He was afraid that if he planted the tree near the road, strangers would steal the fruit. If he planted the tree in one of his fields, his neighbors would come at night and steal some of the apples. If he planted the tree near his house, his children would take the fruit.

Finally he planted the tree in his woods(树林)where no one could see it. But without sunlight and good soil, the tree soon died.

Later the friend asked the farmer why he had planted the tree in such a poor place. “What’s the difference?” the farmer said angrily. “If I had planted the tree near the road, strangers would have stolen the fruit. If I had planted the tree in one of my fields, my neighbors would have come at night and stolen some of the apples. If I had planted it near my house, my own children would have taken the fruit.”

“ Yes,” said the friend, “but at least someone could have enjoyed the fruit. Now you not only have robbed(抢夺)everyone of the fruit, but also you have destroyed

(摧毁)a good apple tree!”

16. What did the farmer’s friend give him one day?

A. An apple. B. Some apples.

C. Some young trees. D. A young tree.

17. Why didn’t the farmer want to plant the tree in his field?

A. He thought strangers would steal the fruit.

B. He thought the tree would die.

C. He thought his children would take the fruit.

D. He thought his neighbors would steal the fruit.

18. Where did the farmer plant the young tree?

A. Near the road. B. In his field.

C. In his woods. D. Near the house.

19. Why did the young tree die in the end?

A. Strangers pulled out the tree. B. His neighbors cut down the tree.

C. His children broke the tree. D. There was less sunlight and poor soil.

20. What does the story tell us?

A. We should care about others’ feelings.

B. We should learn to share beautiful things.

C. The young tree can provide apples for us when it grows up.

D. The young tree can grow up one day.



What do students usually do on weekends? Do you want to know?

Here is a survey(调查). Mary usually washes her clothes on Saturday morning. She does her homework in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, she goes to the store with her mother. On Sunday afternoon, she plays tennis with her brother David. Frank and Rick often play soccer on Saturday morning. They play computer games for one hour on Saturday afternoon. They do their homework on Sunday morning. They learn to swim in a club on Sunday afternoon.

Who watches TV on Sunday afternoon? Mona and Selina do. They don’t like sports. Mona washes her clothes on Saturday morning. Selina does homework on Sunday evening.

36. What does Mary do on Saturday morning?

A. Goes to the store. B. Washes her clothes.

C. Does her homework. D. Plays computer games.

37. When do Frank and Rick play computer games?

A. On Sunday morning. B. On Saturday afternoon.

C. On Sunday afternoon. D. On Saturday morning.

38. Who don’t like sports?

A. Mary and Mona. B. Frank and Rick.

C. Mona and Selina. D. Selina and Frank.

39. Selina  on Sunday evening.

A. watches TV

B. washes her clothes

C. learns to swim

D. does her homework

40. What’s the best title of this passage?

A. How Is Students’ Weekends.

B. Students’ Weekday Survey

C. How to Make a Survey

D. Let’s Play on Weekends



I often dream of being a teacher. I dream of standing on the platform in the classroom and give lessons to lovely boys and girls. I teach them, play with them, and watch them growing up. I am always young when I am staying with them. I know it is not easy to be a teacher. You have to learn in order to teach. Without enough knowledge you can never teach well.

What’s more, you have to be friends with your students and take good care of them. In this way you can be a good teacher and win respect from them. Though I am a student now, I will work hard to make my dream come true.

41. What is the author’s(作者的) dream?

A. being a teacher B. being a doctor

C. being a singer D. being a dancer 42.What does he dream of everyday when he has the dream?

A. He sings and dances with the students in the classroom

B. He gives the students a test

C. He goes over too much homework

D. He stands on the platform and gives lessons to the students 43.Which is not true according to the text?

A. He is always young when he is staying with the students

B. It is easy to be a teacher.

C. One has to learn in order to teach.

D. Without enough knowledge one can never teach well. 44.How to be a good teacher?

A. to be friends with the students and take good care of them

B. to be strict with the students

C. to be kind to the students but needn’t have enough knowledge

D. to give the students too much homework

45. As a student what should I do to realize my dream?

A. I should often make friends with students at school.

B. I will work hard to make my dream come true.

C. I should learn to sing and dance.

D. I should learn a foreign language well.



Today almost everybody is using a cell phone. Now people are able to carry their phones wherever they go. They are making phone calls, regardless of the time, place and situation. It is true that technology is making our lives easier and more practical. For example, today parents like their children to carry cell phones so that they can reach them at any time.

From my point of view, the cell phone is necessary for emergency(紧急情况)

situations and for business. It’s also practical to avoid stress. For example, if you are in a traffic jam and know you will arrive late to work, you can call your boss and inform him of the situation, overcoming this unexpected problem.

The widespread use of this device is amazing. It has become an important part of our daily lives. Whenever people forget their phones at home, they feel uncomfortable. Another advantage of having a cell phone is that you can connect to the Internet and check your e-mail.  In addition,  you can access(获得) information such as news, movies and theater schedules. Life is now fast and busy, and this high-tech communication device has become a must. We need cell phones to keep up with the fast pace of life and the new demands of life in our ever changing world.

46. Cell phones can make our life .

A. easier B. busy C. fast D. secret

47. The cell phones are often used by .

A. a few people B. most people

C. young people only D. children in school only

48. If people leave their phones at home, they will .

A. feel uncomfortable B. be connected to the Internet

C. have some unexpected problems D. check their e-mail

49. Using cell phones can .

A. make a distant relationship between parents and their children

B. make people feel less stressed from their work

C. get some information as quickly as possible

D. make us avoid car accidents

50. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Cell phones are not suitable for children to use.

B. Using cell phones very often may cause stress.

C. Your boss likes to be informed by your cell phone.

D. People can get in touch with each other at any time with cell phones.



Christmas Day is the most important festival in most western countries. As Christmas draws near, the big shops stay open long after dark. Everyone is buying presents for friends and relatives. The home is decorated with leaves of holly (冬青) and Christmas trees. People always receive greeting cards from friends.

On Christmas Eve, it is said, Father Christmas brings presents but only to good children. But it is always the parents who leave the presents near the children’s bed after they fall asleep.

On Christmas day, children are very happy to open their gifts. After breakfast, many people go to church; children always play with their new toys and the mother will prepare the Christmas dinner, which includes turkey, salads, bread, vegetables and desserts such as pies, puddings and ice-cream.

Christmas is a time of warmth and happiness, love and laughter, so almost everyone usually count the weeks, then the days, to Christmas.

51. Christmas is  the  most  important  festival  of  the  following  countries EXCEPT .

A. Great Britain  B. The USA C. China D. Canada

52. Before Christmas Day people usually .

A. decorate their homes

B. buy presents for their relatives and friends

C. send greeting cards

D. do all the above

53. On Christmas Eve, who REALLY gives children gifts?

A. Father Christmas. B. Their parents.

C. Their teachers. D. Their friends.

54. On Christmas day, many people will .

A. stay at home to prepare for the Christmas dinner

B. bring their children to go shopping

C. go to church

D. stay at home to play with their children

55. According to the passage, why do people expect Christmas so much?

A. Because Christmas is a time of warmth and happiness, love and laughter.

B. Because they will have delicious food.

C. Because they will play with their friends.

D. Because they will make a big snowman.



Most people now keep animals as pets. Numerous people have cats and dogs in their houses. Other people like fish, caged birds and even snakes, monkeys or lions. Millions of dollars are spent every year on pet food, equipment, training and medical treatment.

Of course, there are some people who do not look after their pets properly or are even cruel to them. For this reason a royal society was created in 1842 in Britain to prevent cruel treatment of animals.

In contrast to the love of pets is the fact that blood sports still exist in most countries. People go hunting foxes, elephants, and other animals, or go fishing, not because they need the meat to eat, but just for pleasure. In some countries, blood sports like bull fighting and cock fighting are common and hunting rare animals for money has brought about an even more serious problem in the protection of the ecosystem(生态系统).

It is strange that people love certain animals, but enjoy killing others, in cruel ways, too.

56. The royal society is an organization which .

A. helps the poor people

B. looks after pets for people

C. prevents people from killing wild animals

D. prevents cruel treatment of animals

57. Which of the following is NOT a blood sport?

A. bull fighting B. cock fighting C. fox hunting D. horse racing

58. What do you think is the writer’s attitude towards blood sports?

A. He thinks they are very cruel. B. He feels they should be encouraged.

C. He is not sure about them. D. He thinks they are exciting.

59. Which of the following seems to affect the earth’s ecosystem most seriously?

A. Hunting animals for pleasure. B. Keeping pets at home.

C. Illegal killing of rare animals. D. Being cruel to animals.

60. Which of the following statement is WRONG according to the article?

A. People should keep animals as pets at home.

B. Rare animals should not be killed for profits.

C. Animals should be well treated and protected.

D. Blood sports should be forbidden.